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GetProspects.co – What It’s All About

So it’s been a busy year – just from throwing up a simple website, and doing little marketing has left us overwhelmed with orders and inquiries … so many that we have had to slow down our marketing for a while so we could fulfill the current orders and now work on getting the next bit right.

After overwhelming scenarios and hiring new team members difficulties for this start-up, finally, we are ready to roll and are back to do our best job!

We reduced our pricing and added additional services – cold email delivery to prospects instead of you to give even more value to our customers.

Email Defeats Twitter, Facebook for Selling Stuff Online

Blog post about email, Twitter and Facebook you can find here:

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Cold Email

What is Cold Email?

At first cold call originated, then followed cold email. Cold emailing is regarded as the most efficient and untapped method of networking, and of course budget friendly (no networking events or membership charges). There is many awesome people to meet, job opportunities to acquire, and assistance to receive all of it may be products of cold emails when you work up the courage to send them. And actually all cold emailing takes plenty of nerve.

5 Prospecting Case Studies That Win Business

There is a lot of transparency around these days especially from freelancers and small business owners who blog about how they win new business. Guess what runs at the core of their success? PROSPECTING!

How to win SEO / social media business

Prospecting, lead generation, sales – nobody set out to spend time doing these things when they first went into business but if you don’t do these today – you will have a quiet and poor future. Period.

So I was having lunch with a friend yesterday who runs a London social media agency – essentially they get paid a monthly fee for looking after brand social media accounts. Now naturally they also offer SEO services and content writing services to compliment their core social media management offering.

Prospecting difference between Nick and Jon $18k

The difference between Nick and Jon




Jon is a designer and so wins work and then fulfils the work himself. Although Jon would always admit he’s busy he is always short of business. Jon spends one hour each week looking for new business. He does this by sending cold emails to companies all over the world. Jon usually keeps an eye on companies in tech media who have put something together in their first phase and would now be looking for an upgrade, maybe they have just won their first round of investment.